About Me

About Me

Calling out to all Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

My name is Doug and I’ve been working at Road Track and Trail in Big Bend, Wisconsin for the last eight years. To say that I’m obsessed with motorcycles is an understatement. From minor alterations to full restorations, I’ve been working with bikes my whole life. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I learned everything about motorcycles from my father and grandfather. Both of whom were Harley men.

My father used to always say, “finish the task,” any time I left my motorcycle’s leather exposed during the day. Now, “finish the task” is my mantra. With every task completed I gain a bit more mastery. That mindset is what makes me a great motorcyclist. Now, I’m looking to share that expertise.

Wisconsin motocyclist

In addition to bikes, I’m a massive fan of Wisconsin. I love everything about the state, especially the cold months. To me, there’s no better way to see all the natural beauty of Wisconsin than roaming around on any one of my eight bikes. You heard that right, eight bikes. Each one has been customized and personalized in their own ways.

As aWisconsin native, I’ll be recommending all the best spots to get out and connect with nature. Because nothing compares to winding through forests, along the lakes, and all over the rural landscapes that make up Wisconsin. There are great bike rides all over the United States and I’ll be talking about them, but Wisconsin’s diverse natural beauty has always had my heart.

With this blog I’m hoping to share some of the expertise I’ve built up over my twenty-five-year career. I’ll also be discussing the new technological trends that are pushing the industry of motorcycles forward. With so many innovations popping up all the time, motorcyclists are the perfect blend between traditionalists and trailblazers. So, whether you’re looking for the next great bike excursion or want a compact breakdown of Harley’s newest line, I’ll be covering it all and more.

If you have any questions or want me to cover a specific topic, feel free to hop over to the contact page and shoot me an email. I’m always down to help out a fellow motorcycle enthusiast with upgrade options, historical facts, or whatever is chewing at your biker mind. Check back for regularly posted articles and ride on!