The Best Motorcycle Trips in the United States

As summer kicks into high gear it’s time to hit the road on those epic long-distance excursions. In the United States a motorcycle enthusiast has a lot of great options, but there are some trips that stand above the rest. The kind of drives with stunning vistas, thrilling roads, and the appropriate mix between isolation and urban metropolis.

These are the Top Motorcycle Excursions in the US:

  1. The Maritime Tour: Wisconsin

    Maritime Tour: Wisconsin

    This ride will not show up on anyone else’s list. It’s a secret jewel that most motorcyclists don’t know they need to experience. That’s a shame. The topography beautifully shifts from lakeside vistas to massive forest growths to sprawling metropolis. It’s truly the most diverse topographical excursion you can take this year. Wisconsin’s hidden superpower is its ability to surprise. This ride perfects that. With every turn you’ll be blown away and full of anticipation at what can come next.

    I will say, this is not a ride for the light hearted. If you’re looking for a straightforward start and end, go with one of the other two trips on this list. The Maritime Tour is meant to be an expedition in the truest sense of that word. At times you’ll feel lost, at times the signage won’t be as clear as you want it to be, but, and this is a big but, you’ll always be looking at something incredible.

    This is definitely a two-day excursion if you want to do it right. Take your time and make the best of every moment. Drink in the natural surroundings and wave to other drivers when it’s safe and you have the opportunity. Wisconsinites are overly nice, for people from outside the state that can feel strange. Just go with the flow and take it slow. There are plenty of speed courses where you can test your bikes torque. On this winding trip across Wisconsin, it’s better to enjoy the ride and see the myriad views leaping from the Wisconsin landscape. Alright, I’m done gushing about my hometown.

    Whether you want to reconnect with nature or see something new, the United States is filled with exceptional motorcycle rides. Its diverse topography and sweeping landscapes make every ride and every mile unique. With so many great destinations to check out, it can be overwhelming. However, if you haven’t knocked the above excursions off your list, then it’s time for you to get riding. There’s plenty of world to see, and these are the best motorcycle excursions in the US.

  2. Grand Staircase Escalante Highway: Utah

    Grand Staircase Escalante

    I have a motorcycle friend who lives in Park City Utah. For the longest time he pestered me about cruising the Grand Staircase Escalante Highway with him. Each time I made up excuses and said I was too busy. In truth, I had heard about the drive a lot and it seemed interesting, but I wasn’t sold on Utah. I tend to prefer forest over desert. Well, last year I finally ran out of excuses and realized my friend wasn’t going to stop hounding me. So, I drove out to Utah, worked in his shop a bit, and then joined him on the Escalante excursion. The second we started the 124-mile ride I knew that I would be eating crow the whole way through.

    From astonishing sunrises and sunsets to snake turns through Bryce Canyon and Petrified Forest State Park, the entire journey is filled with unbelievable moments. Definitely plan for this drive to take up two solid days and don’t hesitate to plan for longer if you want to hike or dig into the history of the landscapes you’re experiencing. I am happy to admit that I was wrong about holding off on this drive for so long. Don’t make my mistake, get this drive – and Utah in general – on your list of best motorcycle destinations ASAP.

  3. Pacific Coast Highway: California

    Pacific Coast Highway

    As one of the quintessential biking excursions in the United States, the Pacific Coast Highways is three to five days of unparalleled ocean views. Traverse beach towns, scenic cliffsides, and the dense forests of the pacific north west. All while staying on one continuous path. With so many great places to stop off, this ride can easily extend far past five days. Just be careful not to overstay your given time. One could easily find themselves a month into exploring the PCH without realizing it.

    A few great stop offs include: Hearst Castle where you can see wild zebras and one of the coolest architectural achievements in US history; Morro Rock, a massive volcanic plug that looks like a strange mountainous rock shooting out of the ocean; and the Avenue of the Giants, the best collection of Redwoods in the world.

    PCH is a phenomenon that thousands of bikers drive every year. It’s almost a cliché to hear motorcyclists talk about their thrilling experience on its coasts, but there’s a reason some things are universally beloved. The PCH offers a smooth, exciting ride with an exceptional amount of destinations to see and activities to do. Get out and ride it as soon as possible, because after you drive it once, you’ll need to ride it again and again./li>